somali music

  1. somali.hoxhaist

    Somali Rap before Sharma Boy

    Somali Reer Xamari Rap
  2. Helios

    Muse Ismacil Qalinle

    CG legend from Hargeisa AUN, here are some of my favourites from him If I had to pick it's deffo Saldhigo :wow1:
  3. Abdisamad

    Share your favorite Somali songs

    Guys, I don't listen to Somali music but I want to explore the options since I want to start listening to Somali music, so share your favorite songs here with me and inspire me with good songs.
  4. Helios

    Favourite Somali Songs

    @Gambar I know you got some gems eedo :mjpls: I like Heeso Kaban and these are just a few from a bunch I like to listen to
  5. Helios

    Jerry Hussein and the Iftin Band

    So what do you guys know about them. Jerry is actually my uncle funnily enough lol. He's in Dubai these days and in good health I might add
  6. J

    Do y’all like somali music?

    This song I find pretty nice. Cousin showed me it recently cause he really likes Somali music. I don’t really listen to somali music at all. It’s super rare if I do. My mother listens to it often when she is driving place and turns up at weddings. My dad listens everyonce in awhile.