somali girls are not ugly

  1. CanIDimo

    My Cadaan Dentist told me i'm too short for a geeljire

    i had a dentist appointment today for a quick check up got to keep my teeth bright and healthy no snickers teeth business if you know what i mean. he the cadaan male dentist is a pretty tall guy himself 6'3, fyi i am 5'9 or 10ish i'm not a short guy by any means i'm similar height to most...
  2. WarsameXamse


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  3. WarsameXamse

    Images of stunning somali girls?? somali girl appreciation thread

    I AM AROUND A LOT CADAANS AND AJNABIS I DON'T GET TO SEE A LOT OF XALIMOS IN REAL LIFE NOWADAYS like i used to before. drop some images of stunning somali girls in the west, to convince me they are beautiful . also don't be scared to drop their social media accounts,