somali girl

  1. JackieBurkhart

    I wonder what happened to this girl, any updates? A Somali girl's childhood ends in shelling, burns and terrible scars A teenage Somali refugee disfigured by artillery fire desperately needs help for her injuries. But the war victim wonders if the...
  2. S

    Beautiful Somali girls thread (on social media)

    Somali women are some of the most beautiful women on earth, and they should be celebrated and appreciated Especially Somali girls in the west for embracing their skin tone and hair texture and being on a healthy weight, unfortunately our sisters in Somalia are bleaching themselves and...
  3. JudgeJoeGorilla

    SPIN: As An AA I Would Marry A Somali Woman

    Why? Because they age well and have traditional values. Hope this won't set some of you bros off :mjlol:
  4. Calaf

    Somalis in The Student Room (Quotes)

    ''sorry for the bad grammer/spelling. i live in the Netherlands so my english sucks. So i am in a relationship and i really love my boyfriend. I have been dating him since 2015. I am muslim and i know dating is forbidden but we love each other and we dont go that far, just holding hands...
  5. Yonis

    'Sex tourists’ duping Somali virgins into marriage

  6. Monisha Hershey

    This is what happens when you constantly hate on your people...

    I stumbled across Mahuba Fabulous Instagram and I was shocked to discover that she got married to a white man, after previously divorcing a madow guy. However, she became an alcoholic... I was really rooting for this girl, as she was one of my favourite youtuber before, and the fact that the...