somali girl are beautiful

  1. JackieBurkhart

    Just found this girl........

    She seems cool, and is popular on YouTube Shorts somewhat.
  2. S

    Beautiful Somali girls thread (on social media)

    Somali women are some of the most beautiful women on earth, and they should be celebrated and appreciated Especially Somali girls in the west for embracing their skin tone and hair texture and being on a healthy weight, unfortunately our sisters in Somalia are bleaching themselves and...
  3. WarsameXamse


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  4. WarsameXamse

    Images of stunning somali girls?? somali girl appreciation thread

    I AM AROUND A LOT CADAANS AND AJNABIS I DON'T GET TO SEE A LOT OF XALIMOS IN REAL LIFE NOWADAYS like i used to before. drop some images of stunning somali girls in the west, to convince me they are beautiful . also don't be scared to drop their social media accounts,