somali diaspora

  1. The Somali Caesar

    Somali culture preservation question

    I had a conversation with my friend Luca the other day, he said he's going to Italy in the summer to try to reconnect with his italian roots as he's an Italian American. I love my boy Luca but he couldn't point out Italy from a map. My question would be do you think the Somali diaspora will...
  2. Sedderr1234

    Has the diaspora given up on Somalia?

    I remember growing up I would hear and see people talking about how somalia is getting better and will return back to how it was pre civil war. Circa now in 2022 I rarely hear those words. The only people who go back fit in these categories: 1- Dhgan celis 2- deported criminals 3- people...
  3. IGotDaAnswers

    What will the Somali diaspora look like in the years 2040s

    As we grow up oversocialized in a cultural melting pot how will the ethnic identity of Somalis in the west be effected 🤔 for better or for worse ?
  4. Zog

    A warning to the Noble somali's of the west

    To be Somali, with some exceptions, you are first Somali and second you are a citizen of the country where you have installed your store (You can never truely be a citizen if you don't have assests owned by you like houses and stores). After two decades of living with the Anjabis, he still...
  5. CanIDimo

    diaspora Hangout spots

    i want to get to know all the Somali diaspora communities, can yall post google maps links to the somali hangout spot in your city and country, popular somali dominated roads and areas were you will see a lot of somalis in google maps, somali cafe spots, restaurants, shopping malls for...
  6. CanIDimo

    400 years of somali diaspora

    so i was having a convo with a few uncles of mine about my uni life,work life and career And they couldn't stop name dropping Somalia when we were discussing my future they kept bombarded me with questions like "when are you going back" "inshallah what would you bring to somalia" "Are you...
  7. CanIDimo

    Reer sweden seem..alright

    so previously you have come to learn Australian mandem are the fobs of the diaspora, These young somali teenagers spoke somali really well so they aren't hooyo mataalo youths like most of the diaspora and judging by how westernized and integrated they seem, i'll assume that they are also fluent...
  8. CanIDimo

    CRINGE: Macawis wearing Fobs roaming the streets of Australia.

    Why would you wear macawis in public?:gucciwhat:. that's considered pajamas in somali diaspora culture :damn: i had to pause this every 2 seconds because i have such a small threshold for cringe :tacky::mjcry: some of you might say i'm a self hater who isn't proud of somali culture or that i...
  9. CanIDimo

    hooyo matalo gen start Af somali challenge on twitter

    i am convinced that almost all of somali diaspora youth would be special need if they did school in Somalia :siilaanyolaugh: especially the xalimos, brace yourself :tacky: but it would be unfair to say there isn't any high iq individuals among them. :reallymaury: then we have the low...
  10. CanIDimo

    What is somali culture??

    i see so much posts on this forum,under youtube videos, on social media about how Somalis are losing their culture in the west and back home to "Wahhabi" arabanization amd westernization The question i want to ask it what the hell is Somali culture?? :drakewtf:is it just being able to speak...
  11. CanIDimo

    Somali singer cherrie identity crisis

    she definitely represent the views of most somali diaspora, we are mostly lost people on another note she is a spitting image of her mother mashallah
  12. WarsameXamse

    Imagine a 10 mins Somalia to America/Europe flight. globalization

    imagine living in the west and going to Somalia on the weekend or your days off from work or school like it's nothing:mjlaugh: NOW THAT IS A FUTURE I WOULD LOVE FOR OUR PEOPLE. the flight prices are said to become as cheap as a 10 mins uber ride when this idea comes to fruition globalization...