somali culture

  1. B

    what is the longest word in somali language? Waa maxay erayga ugu dheer afsoomaliga?

    The shortest word in somali is one letter "u" which means screaming especially when help is needed by or for something or someone Erayga ugu gaaban afsoomaliga waa 'u' oo u jeedkiisu yahay qaylo siiba marka la dalbanayo mid gacan iyo hiilba leh u'dii ugu horaysay way ku yaaceen. gabadhu u'na...
  2. Abdisamad

    Japanese experiencing Somali culture

    This is funny to watch especially their reaction to the banana. The Somali community in Minneapolis seem to be really big.
  3. haramcadd

    LANGUAGE Have you ever heard of the Osmanya script? The Osmanya script (Somali: Farta Cismaanya; Osmanya: ), also known as Far Soomaali ("Somali writing") and, in Arabic, as al-kitābah al-ʿuthmānīyah, is a writing script created to transcribe the Somali language. It was invented between 1920 and 1922...
  4. CaliTedesse

    We need to create a new culture

    Adopt from other better superior cultures, adopt set of moral and values from them and implement and reform the inferior Somali culture. Anyone that denies Somali culture waa inferior is a emotional rat and thus the product of inferior Somali culture. Most strongest Somalis are one raised with...
  5. CanIDimo

    Somali names are going extinct

    I seriously have never met a somali with a farah as a first name and only a handful of somali guys with somali first names, two to three generation ago farah must have been one of the most popular names among somalis, most somalis have a farah somewhere in their abtirsi but now about two out...
  6. CanIDimo

    What is somali culture??

    i see so much posts on this forum,under youtube videos, on social media about how Somalis are losing their culture in the west and back home to "Wahhabi" arabanization amd westernization The question i want to ask it what the hell is Somali culture?? :drakewtf:is it just being able to speak...