somali are playas

  1. CanIDimo

    Somali ufc fighters dominating the scene

    This reer xamar nigga representing somalia masahllah, he annihilated this reer cornor mcgregor guy. Do i see our own somali khabib Nurmagomedov in the making ???:ohhh: here is another somali guy(somali father, cadaan dutch mother) with so much finesse. A BEAST:ohhhdamn:
  2. CanIDimo

    Katie Hopkins rants about the incompetence of the Somali race!!

    what is this gender ambiguous creature's agenda against the somali race?? talking about somalis in the UK her home is one thing but she's also ing about those of minnesota USA she mentioned Pakistanis just once, she was so fixed on the words somali and muslim, respectively. Damn she's even...
  3. CanIDimo

    geeljire does wife tag with cadaan wife

    Abdiexiters get on the somali girl youtube phenomenon
  4. Yonis

    'Sex tourists’ duping Somali virgins into marriage