1. Helios

    Capitalism vs Socialism

    Free Market Capitalism vs State Socialism Personally I'm a fan of Free Markets
  2. Prince Abubu

    Somalis Will Be Wiped by Climate Change

    Severe hunger threatens millions in Somalia as climate emergency deepens The forests are burning, the sea is slowly rising, boiling and being plundered. There won't be any global action against climate change. Capitalism has brought our species to the brink of destruction. Only rich western...
  3. VixR

    Peter Schiff on Capitalism

    The video is mistitled on YT, because it was long before Bernie's time from the heyday of Occupy Wallstreet protests where Peter Schiff, a 1% businessman, wrangles and levels with the upset protesters on the street from his angle. Beware, it's kinda long. But I stumbled onto it, and it's still...
  4. Apollo

    Marxist economist: Richard D. Wolff

    Every month this professor gives a summary of the important economic events with his opinion on it. He's surprisingly entertaining and will turn you into a communist / radical leftist if you listen to his arguments. lol Link: