1. HuunoHunter

    Social Experiment for Xalimos.

    I need all xalimos on SSpot to answer the following questions: 1) Do you think highly/lowly of an affectionate faarax? 2) Do you think highly/lowly of a distant and stoic faarax? 3) Do you think any of those qualities I have mentioned above, apply to your future revert spouse? :siilaanyolaugh:
  2. W

    Somali marriage & STD - solutions?

    Asc brothers and sisters <3 Im new to this forum and got registered to find some advice regarding STD:s and marriage/relationships. We all know a story or a person who's been afflicted, but I want to know how does the community deal with it? Stigmatizing is not a solution, on the contrary it...