1. Mohsin

    Somaliland President the Butcher of Burco &Awdal

    Current President of self proclaimed Somaliland is a war criminal ,MUSE Bihi Abdi killed 2000 POWS in Burco During Garxajis and Somaliland war in 1994. Muse Bihi Abdi Massacred 300 somali-Ethiopian refugees in (DACAWALAY )Refugee camp near Dilla Town in Awdal Region of Somalia 4 feb 1992...
  2. Mohsin

    Ismaiil Yare trashes warmonger Muse Bihi and silanyo in powerful speech

    Hargeisa Waddani politician who hails same clan Muse Bihi trashes in powerful speech both Current president Silanyo and the candidate of KULMIYE party calling him warmonger and trash bag. He called President silanyo Tripalist undemocratic crazy man