1. 486th President


    I’m not gay I would never marry a man I would never have intercourse with a man either so stop calling me gay I’m attracted to females I would 100% marry a female I would only have intercourse with a female do you understand
  2. Puffin Stuff

    Permantly retiring from the insurgency

    I've done my service:snoop: and I regret fighting such a dumb war, I've seen how my crimes affect cross-dressers lives I apologise transgender people:whew: I'm glad I got that off my shoulders however just because I don't attack fags and trannies:idontlike: doesn't mean ill champion your cause...
  3. Zach

    I am a human!

    Guys, so I have this guy in my class (*btw I started this social science class) and we were talking about gender and that gender are a social construct and somehow we switched the lgbtq+ thing, since I was raised religious I don’t believe in that, but at same time my best friend is lesbian whom...
  4. S

    How does Somalispot feel about LGBT Somalis and the rights that they should have?

    In the light of Christmas let us settle the understanding of LGBT people and their role within our community :) I'd like for all to contribute and make their opinions heard even if they are extreme or hurtful to some LGBTers :) And for LGBT members to be heard @GlitzyCue_ @AbdiJew @Air...
  5. Duchess

    The conditions of 'gabar xishood leh', an idealized Somali womanhood

    Years ago, on a bleak winter afternoon, I had my tongue professionally pierced in Toronto. I had numerous piercings beforehand so my family should have been accustomed to my piercing tendencies. Unfortunately, judging from their reactions—ranging from bemused to horrified—that was not the case...