1. BASH212

    How old are you where are you based how much savings do you have?

    Not trying to be too noisy but it would be nice to know how we are all getting on in life. So i'm 23 years old based in London and have about £35k saved up. Obviously i have diversified my portfolio i have some money in a lifetime isa some in a trading 212 acount, plum, wahed invest, revolut...
  2. A

    Are Somalis bad savers?

    I think we as people need to get better at saving money.I know many Somalis who own great cars, loads of jewellery, send obscene amounts of money back home, to the extent they should tell their family back home to start a business with the money they receive but they rent their house and spend...
  3. Prince Abubu

    Investment Advise

    @LarryThePuntite come in. I've come into a bit of money (nothing much really, just a few grand). I would rather more of that money for a rainy day than spend it or just leave it lying in a bank account. What do you suggest I do? Invest in a mutual fund, a high interest savings account, high...