1. GBTarmy

    From the ashes of genocide, Islam rises in Rwanda

    Great article worth a read. A handful of Muslims took a stand during the hundred days of slaughter. Their stance inspired thousands of Rwandans to become Muslim in what was once called Africa’s most Catholic country. “I was a Catholic pastor before genocide,” Matabaro Sulaiman told TRT World...
  2. The alchemist

    Hotel Rwanda

    This actor was sinister as hell, using words like cockroaches lol. Makes me wonder how Rwanda is peaceful today. Maybe the philosophy from the dumb movie Purge holds a bit of truth. If you think about it, Rwanda experienced a Purge incident. They slaughtered each other for a short time and lives...
  3. W

    I haven't seen many Somalis in Rwanda why?

    I finally completed my short trip from Rwanda. Rwanda has very few procedures and takes a few days to start a business. So I have registered and set up a Tourist Agency in Kigali with a couple friends of mine. The tourism industry in Rwanda is booming and many of our...
  4. S

    Rwanda bans skin bleaching products from shops countrywide.

    Skin-whitening creams are being removed from shelves in Rwanda as the government enforces a ban on the products. Sales in African countries are worth billions every year. But many fear the ban in Rwanda will encourage women to buy unregulated products which could put their health at risk.
  5. CanIDimo

    Rwanda special forces ain't playing games - dictatorship

    wallahi this is a beautiful cushite supremacy country, why isn't somalia as green as rwanda IT'S A DRY SHIT HOLE ESPECIALLY THE NORTH OF SOMALIA Dictator KaGame got Game and he means business. :farole: the comment section is full of hate, saying kagame should go back to his motherland somalia...