1. ZUBAYR+_

    Beware of Xamar's best fast food restaurant

    I was at a fast food shop in xamar weyne called Chicking 🐔 (one of two in the city) which has the most macaan fried chicken :lawd: and world-class graphic design. Everything from the menu to the walls looked like a Somali KFC franchise in an alternate reality!! I was really proud of whichever...
  2. M

    Minn. man charged in firebombing of Somali restaurant in Grand Forks

    Authorities suspect he threw a beer bottle with gasoline through the window. Authorities have issued an arrest warrant for a Minnesota man they say firebombed a Somali restaurant in Grand Forks. Still at large as of Sunday was Matthew W. Gust, 25, of East Grand Forks, police said. Around 2...