reer xamar

  1. CanIDimo

    Palestinian speaking fluent somali

    he is Palestinian and reer xamar, if you check his story he uses the word "xalimoid" he must be a somalispotter :damn: he also calls the guy folk head" in somali :russ: meanwhile most yall can barely form a single sentence in somali somali girls you have my permission and blessing, secure this...
  2. CanIDimo

    Cadaan backs deported xaarmar thug from London

    Look at this cadaan man playing hero for a somali thug was deported after doing time for supplying class A drugs, The idiot from xamar came to the uk at age 6 with the sky's being the limit, instead of taking advantage of this one in a lifetime opportunity given to him by the noble white man, he...
  3. Baraf

    GENETICS DNA Tests of ReerXamari individual @TheXamarCadcadGuy ,@HalyeeyQaran Seems like Benadir have a substantial amount of South Asian ancestry