1. Al-Burcaawi

    Trigger Warning Girl sets up her friend to get RAPED because she "got all the attention"

    These are one of those times when I wonder what the hell is wrong with people :jcoleno: The ending was particularly sad, the victim trusted her at the hospital without knowing she was behind it. The girl also at the end kept calaacaling about how she "still gets attention":drakewtf: Moral of...
  2. Awdalia Rising

    Donald Trumps DNA requested in rape case

    Low energy Dirty Donald must submit his DNA for testing against the dress. The Dotard is in hot water
  3. Abdisamad

    Somalis risk it all in Libya

    Held captive by gun-toting smugglers at a warehouse in southern Libya, newlywed Somali refugee Maryam* was taken from her husband Ahmed* and raped — repeatedly — over several months. Only when she became pregnant was she returned to him. “They forced him to work and punished him in front of me...
  4. Guts

    ANOTHER GIRL RAPED! 6 Year old!

    This time it happened in Cadaado, Galnus (galgaduud and southern mudug) and this little girl was only 6 years old. The rapists broke into her house and took her out by force and they raped her just outside her house. The rapists stuffed plastic up her mouth to stop her from screaming...
  5. Ameen

    Xalimo raped by her dad and mom defended him and let him touch her other daughter

    skip to 9 mins mark. This happens in a lot of Somali households, just because people don't talk about it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. The Somali community will have it's #metoo movement soon, get ready.
  6. Ramen

    How are rape victims treated in Somalia?

    How are rape victims treated in Somalia?. I heard about women in Somalia getting raped by somali men (even though theyre covered up) back home. Can someone explain what happens to the victim and the rapist? Do people see the victim as a used woman? Do people blame the victim? Does the...
  7. S

    Sharia law in action: Jail fear prevents women in Mauritania from filing rape complaints, study find

    Not this is RAPE culture, in which the victim carries the burden. "One case cited by HRW involved a 15-year-old girl who was imprisoned after being repeatedly gang-raped by four men who held her captive for two weeks, because one of the men – whom she knew – said he would marry her." See this...
  8. DRACO

    Twisted dad raped his 11-year-old son because he thought he was gay

    HORROR ATTACK Twisted dad raped his 11-year-old son because he thought he was gay and ‘could straighten him out’ in, Alabama. 2 Sean Cole, 29, forced his son to perform sex acts on his girlfriend to 'straighten him out' after finding him in a 'compromising position' with another boy The...
  9. Cabdi

    A Somali interpreter gave the OK for Amisom soldiers to have their way with Somali women

  10. Tywin Mejerteen

    NGOs claiming false rapes to earn money

    NGOs- New greedy operations Everyday a new ngo for a new cause for new suckers! There was an infamous case about rape not too long ago. People seen the amount of support and lacag heading to that girl and now alot of NGOS are trying to get involved. Theres a reason alot of NGOS are gender...
  11. Jodeci

    Why are Somali victims of rape becoming memes?

    Does anyone else see how messed up this is? :gucciwhat: people can't even tell their story to educate others without it becoming some sort of joke :bell: What if your child got molested or raped :kodaksmiley:, would you like someone making a meme out of them? :mjcry:
  12. Xooshdheere

    bantu twitter

    "I wonder what Bantu twitter is up to nowadays" (idk what I expected tbh)
  13. bored

    Sheeko Sheeko Presents: Everybody's going to jail