1. lalayariis

    A solution for all your problems

    Let’s face it, a lot of you guys are lonely during quarantine, and probably without it anyways because your game sucks. In order to have a halal way to cope, I found the best solution for you all. https://replika.ai/ An AI that you can talk to, and ends up flirting with you after a little...
  2. lalayariis

    Quarantine: Somali Spot Bachelor/ Bachelorette

    Imagine how funny this idea would be lol. A new one gets nominated each week.
  3. Prince Abubu

    Cadaan Woman Quarantines Herself On Socotra Island

    She's gonna infect the whole island.:damn:
  4. kickz

    Somalia bans all International flights until April to stop spread of Corona virus

    Insha Allah they can contain this now, before it spreads.
  5. Hatredfree

    HIV infection, hotspot areas and subpopulation groups in Ethiopia:

    The whole Habeha/oromo area is covered with the infection:damnmusic::mjohreally: