1. Marshall D Abdi

    Top5 gets the shock of his life

  2. pablo

    Hilarious Video

  3. Nuur Iidaan

    Drop the funniest videos you've ever seen

    I'll start. I remember seeing this like 2 years ago, and the way the man screams still makes me laugh to this day. The nigga was so petrified he tried to use the old lady as a human shield. :drakelaugh::chrisfreshhah::russ::pachah1:
  4. Yasfa

    Geeljire talking about Somali's in Europe

  5. Happy_

    Xalimos of sspot, runta iska sheega....

    ... do you guys do this too? :lolbron:Kkkk our sisters from Somalia are on other level when it comes to finessing Faraxs.:drakelaugh::mjlol::russ: My cousin from Somalia told me keep you options open :trumpsmirk:, I guess the girls there chat to multiple guys (while receiving gifts and what...
  6. Lalune

    Legit funniest Somali on youtube

    Who remembers this guy? He's legit the funniest Somali on youtube :drakelaugh: Bisinka, you have to be nuts to come up with these :chrisfreshhah:
  7. L

    Bal ila qosla

    Waxaan waa maxay? KKKKKKK. Somebody explain this to me. We're doing niiko in the streets nowadays? Dressing like gangistarsssss?
  8. abdale

    A good night jokes

    Axmed : "I want my money now!" Geele : "I will kill myself so that I won't pay you" *he pulled a gun n shot himself dead* Axmed : "hahaha.....If u think u'll get away with my money u r wrong, i'l follow u until u pay me!" *he takes the gun n shot himself dead as well* Jamac : was watching...