1. BetterDaysAhead

    Somalis must strive to move out of the ghetto

    The ghetto isn’t for us! We left a war zone we must avoid living in a ghetto warzone :it0tdo8: we need to put a stronger emphasis on education so that our children can grow up to become respected skilled high earning doctors, engineers, lawyers, architects, businessmen etc and live in peaceful...
  2. L

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year! I wish for peace and prosperity for the Somali speaking peoples! I Hope we can regain our Dignity. LoveandLight
  3. Descendent-Of-Fiqi

    Getting Somalia back on track.

    Iv'e been thinking of the best way to rebuild Somalia. And have come to the the conclusion that the country will never get back on its feet if it tries to emulate Western systems as the social culture of Somalia makes that impossible. Instead we should try to tailor a system that Somali's can...