1. A

    £1 homes in Liverpool Shout to the Somali couple that took advantage. House is easily worth double what they paid for it. Shame you needed links to city to actually get 1. Great investment.
  2. Thugnificent

    land prices in hargeisa

    does anyone know landprices around hargeisa(arabsiyo). last time when i asked my aunt she told me 5k could buy you a decent plot but she didn't tell me how much it costs and how far away it is from the city.
  3. M

    Have you bought land in Somalia?

    Are any of you guys land owners? I have several questions. How did you acquire the land? Where is it located? What type of land is it? How much is it worth? What do you plan on doing with it? I'm planning on purchasing land in the near future and I am wondering what your experience was.