1. D

    The Lies of Yasser Al Habib

  2. Cityviews

    I cancelled my Television subscription

    Guys tv is a waste of time. Trust me. Recently, I cancelled my TV Subscription in my household ( that I pay for), I don't watch tv anyways because my life is busy, I would just keep it for my younger siblings. Recently while eating lunch one day, I saw my younger siblings watching a show with...
  3. xalimathe6

    Black man grinding on a "Somali" girl.

    :damn::farmajoyaab::drakelaugh::gaasdrink::noneck::noneck: Lying Ashy Abdis.
  4. Madara x

    Medieval Propaganda: In the middle ages, what did Arabs and Europeans say about Africans & Africa?

    Greetings fellow Somali's, The answer to the question that I've mentioned in the thread-title, has been presented in section 2.0 of my "New world order" video presentation series. Please watch the section below, and give me some feed back on my youtube channel and on this thread... “If you...
  5. Rorschach

    Spearheads of Islamophobia

    Salaam all, I was looking at vocal Islamophobes, especially those who start organisations that specifically targets Islam. Or those who are vocal on mainstream media and are popular enough to be recognised by the masses. It was pretty easy compiling this list since most of these wacalo scream...