1. Leftside

    Ethiopia's PM Abiy Ahmed meets with President Kenyatta at border point.

    Apparently PM Abiy is on a state visit to Kenya. The meeting between the two leaders started at the Moyale Ethiopia-Kenya border point. With the way things have unfolded in the region in recent days, you have to wonder what these guys are upto. Anything that they do or discuss will have an...
  2. Galool

    Galmudug VP meets with Italian, Turkish, British and Prime Minister on Development Projects

    The vice president H.E. excellency Ali dahir Eid met H.E. Fabio, The Deputy Ambassador of Italy in Mogadishu. Key achievements of Galmudug priorities,development projects &cooperation btw GMD & Italy Govt. PM Mahdi Guled meeting over development projects
  3. Prince Abubu

    Somali Americans Come In

    How come everytime I see pics of African immigrants in America, they live in suburban areas and big houses with nice whips parked on the driveway? And then I see Somalis and they're always in the ghetto/projects.:mindblown: Isla yaabaa dadyahow, how can even xabashis surpass you?:kendrickcry...