1. Nin123

    Not praying everyday?

    Do you know someone who claims to be Muslim and barley even pray? I have an entire group of friends who never pray and still fast in ramadan lol they always miss Friday prayer and still consider themselves muslims.
  2. JackieBurkhart

    I wonder what happened to this girl, any updates? A Somali girl's childhood ends in shelling, burns and terrible scars A teenage Somali refugee disfigured by artillery fire desperately needs help for her injuries. But the war victim wonders if the...
  3. Aden Ciisman

    Praying doing Ramadan

    hello, so I struggle with praying five times a day but I mostly do all the prayers but it’s hard, subahanaallah! But during Ramadan I’m literally excited to pray and like going taraweeh! I know it’s because the Shaytaan is locked away but has it really that big of an effect on me outside of...