1. L

    If you control the port of a region, you own it?

    Is this true? I’ve heard this talking point many times 🧐
  2. tyrannicalmanager

    faisal warabe: farmaajo wants to handover port to ethiopia

    https://www.mustaqbalradio.net/fasal-cali-waraabefarmaajo-waxa-uu-doonayaa-in-dekadeenaha-uu-ku-wareejo-itoobiya/amp/?__twitter_impression=true :gucciwhat: when sl politicians cares more about somalia's ports than N&N.
  3. DRACO

    Somaliland is djibouti's nightmare!

    Djibouti's president IOG this week cancelled Dp world doraleh port contract illegally because he got afraid of somaliland becoming serious completion and putting a end to djiboutis monolpoly. The UAE was refused military base in djibouti so it went to somaliland , same region for the fraction...