1. The Somali Caesar

    Who really runs Ethiopia?

    I naively always thought it’s Abiy Ahmed but I’ve just clocked he’s only the Prime Minister and that a lady called Sahle-Work-Zewde is the President. To my prior knowledge a President outranks a Prime Minister but how come Abyi Ahmed gets all the attention?
  2. Anas.010


    which animals are currently in somalia? How will somalia's wildlife look in 50 years? I think if Somalia won't f*ck it up our wildlife will look like a ethiopia or if we have extreme luck it will be uganda 1 our government need to handle those Arabs who exploited our wildlife and kick the...
  3. tesfey67n

    A new silk road is being established

    I'm not sure you guys have been following whats going on around the world, but a new silk road is being established. After seeing the trump and Korea summit, i knew something was up, and most recent news(Ethiopia president visiting Somalia).
  4. A

    Ilhan omar in maroon 5 video!

    My Somali friend asked me if I recognised the Somali woman in a music video as he had seen her somewhere before. I looked at the video and I see Ilhan Omar in the music video. Shit is hilarious. She appears at 3:50
  5. abdale

    If you see this guy run away from him

    He is telling people to go to Jihad while he is resting in a luxury house