1. 486th President

    “I Went To Mars Yesterday”

    I went to Mars yesterday A place where I could get away I went to Mars yesterday Yet I felt so lonely I went to Mars yesterday Low gravity makes me walk so slowly I went to Mars yesterday I feel like every day is just the same cycle I went to Mars yesterday Would it make a difference if...
  2. CaliTedesse

    I am Soomaal not a Somali - Poem

    I am a Soomaal not a Somali Because a Somaali is to be a baaldi I am so noble I am Soomaal I am so dirty I am a Somali I am so gob I am a Soomaal I am so gun I am a Somali Famine, war, Soo~maa~li Prosperity, peace, Soo~maal That was my short poem I hope you liked it guys Want more poems...
  3. NAAFO

    Love Ode to you (love letter)

    This is my poem for who are imo the greatest not just harti, darod, but one of the greatest if not the greatest somali women that not only dhulbahante men as well as other somali men have been blessed with by Allah subhana wa tala to have bestowed upon them such as these dhullos...
  4. CaliTedesse

    My poem for the great Soomaal

    As you all might know my previous poem was for all Arabs wa lakin. This poem is meant for a branch of the Arab race, the Soomaal (not to be confused with Somalians). (...)=not part of poem and explanation Title: I am Soomaal The Soomaal, wa(و) Soomaal wa Soomaal wa Soomaal. My life is...
  5. Xooshdheere

    Daraawiish Poems

    The Death of Richard Corfield He Who Had Stamina Gained his Intent http://www.africanpoems.net/tag/gabay/
  6. Hafez

    A meeting with Allah

    A poem by ibn Qayyim (RH) describing Jannah and the bounties therein. I advice you all to watch it and tell me what you think.