1. JudgeJoeGorilla

    Drop Some Podcasts You Listen To

    Math Hoffa for one and Queenz Flip
  2. Farah Abdul

    New Somali Podcast talking about #ABDIEXIT

    a somali author in canada just created a new podcast called the somali nomad on spotify, he talks about somali men being frustrated with halimos on muzmatch and gives out solutions. i found it on instagram on thecoolsomalis page here also this is his spotify podcast
  3. DeathWish

    Can Guys and Girls Be Friends?

    Do you agree with these Xalimos? This is a new podcast by educated Xalimos. Please support them, walaalayaal!! What is your opinion on this podcast? If you have any questions, this is their social media: https://twitter.com/oteapodcast