1. Bohol

    Somali pirates are so feared ships are told to switch off lights at night

    :drakelaugh::mjlol: Terrified tourists who paid up to $55,000 for 100-day Sydney to Dubai cruise are ordered to switch off lights and music from dusk until dawn for 10 days because of risk of attack by Somali PIRATES 8 August 2017 Passenger on board the Sea Princess revealed how it...
  2. HuunoHunter

    Some funny website which reflects us yet insults us at the same time.

    Check this site out walaloyaal http://www.somalicruises.com/ Some funny c*nt took the liberty in making a website which reflects the then current and present state of Somalia. These Cadaan xoolo probably jerk off when they a shoot a pirate or two, while forgetting they leave their shit hanging...
  3. M

    Illegal fishing in Somalia might result in pirates comeback

    Flotillas from Yemen, Iran and South Korea are breaching international maritime law and plundering the country’s rich fishing grounds Five years ago, the isolated outpost of Eyl was Somalia’s most notorious pirate lair. Perched above the crashing waves of the Indian Ocean, the ramshackle town...