1. CaliTedesse

    wow never knew Pakistan commited crimes against Bangladeshis

    Those Paki ni99as set themselves up for failure by doing that but I believe the devil Hindu India pulled the string behind the scenes. Btw Kashmir is Pakistan. Bangladeshi people on average are very unappealing the women tend to have this bloaty weird face and think so highly of themselves while...
  2. Karim

    Pakistani speaks Somali and Claims to be from Badhan/Dhahar

  3. G

    its going down BLACKS VS PAKISTANIS in speakers corner london apparntly somali guy gets banged! SMH

    Black rastafarian guy (Raspect) trying to ally with pakistanis/muslims a couple weeks ago the pakistanis/muslims gave him £1000 during the his youtube live chat a week later the black guy starts getting close to this pakistani girl (Sayeeda al husseini) all hell as broke loose since then these...
  4. M

    Sadiq Khan Winning Race To Be London Mayor

    That's right, Sadiq Khan ladies and gents. :dzmxmmb: