1. Shk_ljh”630

    Most athletic horners

    I was at a large gathering of East Africans playing basketball at me local lifetime and idk why but I wonder who is the most athletic group of East Africans on average? I’m not including kenyans because to be honest, they shit on us, skinny but surprisingly robust and they were just blasting...
  2. Helios

    HISTORY Historic Photos from the Paulitschke Expedition

    Phillipe Paulitschke was a French explorer who visited the Waqooyi and continued to Harar in the 1880s. Here's the link Zeylac An Cisse Dir Geeljire at a well The Emir of Harar Abdallah Ibn Ali Abdishakur Harari citizen Zeyla looking towards the northern coast Cisse Ugaas Rooble...
  3. GBTarmy

    Deported Oromos reach the Ethiopian border