1. Manafesto

    Shameless Farmaajo online Cayaayan Worshippers(CBB) claim he paid Puntland education exam expenses !!

  2. Manafesto

    Somali FOBs 13 steps/stages of Online dating and ending up as Simp Aka Husband

    I approve thus message,NOT, do you? :jcoleno::mindblown::jaynerd:
  3. Xtermix

    Why are somalis more active than other groups of people on the internet.

    i saw a post on Reddit showing the activity of African countries' subreddits in proportion to their subscribers, and somalia sticks out like a sore thumb. I think somalis seek eachother out more than other people, even on the internet. for example, on discord, there are at least 50-100 somali...
  4. GeKo

    $$$ 6 figure++ being made with local businesses beating out competition using better marketing and o

    We're in an age, where many think to become an entrepreneur you have to bring this crazy new idea, but good old local services are making a killing and are often overlooked.:win: We're not talking about some new innovative startup, just starting your regular local service. Whether you decide to...
  5. Sophisticate

    Why you ladies should consider SSpot men

    I hope the laughing has subsided. I will outline the benefits of virtual romance with the oh so delicate men of the "SSpot". :trumpsmirk: Low Maintenance - Simply log in and log out when you please. They won’t question your whereabouts or why you haven’t contacted them. And if your fed up the...