1. Suldaanka

    Former Somali President is facing criminal charges

    Mahlet Fasil Addis Abeba, February 15/2019 – Judges at the federal High Court 4th Criminal Bench here in the capital have, today, accepted federal prosecutors’ request to withhold list of witnesses from the defense team in high profile criminal case involving former Somali regional state...
  2. Karim

    New DDSI ministers and their Tribes.

    President:. Mustafe Maxamed Omar- Ogaden, Reer Isaaq 1.Vice Presisent- Aadan Faarax Daahir- Ciise 2.Irrigation MiniatMi; Bashiir Shaafi- Ogaden, Reer Cabdille Reer Aamaadin 3.Finance Minister, Bubashir Dubad- Jidwaaq, Abaskuul 4.Chief of staff - Xassan Dhaadhi- Bartire 5.Education Minister-...
  3. Xooshdheere

    Abdikarin Sh Muse at the Mogadishu Airport

  4. Xooshdheere

    New footage of ONLF fighters in the occupied region of Ogadenia