1. A

    f*ck THE CEEB CULTURE!!!!!!

    f*ck the ceeb culture that governs a lot of you Somalis. I had people try shame my parents by telling everyone in the Somali community that me and my siblings sell sweets at school(just me)and have a car wash and grass cutting business when younger. My parents didn't care but told me not to sell...
  2. Waxwaalan

    Are you fat?

    Obsessed counting calories these days. I try to eat about 1,300 calories a day but don't always make it. I'm tall too. How many calories ya'll eat a day & be honest ya'll fat or slim? Here' sa free pic of my body
  3. sgfrmtheblock

    Corrupt Criminal Gaas is Threatening P/L

    Gaas calls everyone against the illegal Bosaso Port deal "idiots". He accepted and paid bribes of millions for this deal, as long as his morbidly obese self is in power the longer Puntland will not develop to reach its potential...