1. Saintly

    Who remembers these videos?

    These really emo DBZ videos with angsty Linkin Park songs were by far the biggest thing on Youtube? I'm talking like the early to late 2000s. I specifically remember this one These weren't good videos, but they give me so much nostalgia man
  2. Exodus

    Pictures that give you nostalgia

    Getting hit by these in the face would put you in a coma, I wake up in a cold sweat thinking about it today Wallahi, UK kids remember the struggle man, I would pray that I got the washed bibs every PE session because the other bibs used to smell like xaar . GCSES were too jokes man, one...
  3. Genesisx72

    Who remembers this legend?

    Seeing Anthony Joshua get KOed by a fat Mexican got me thinking of the most entertaining boxer ever, Naseem Hamed. Every Muslim kid idolized this guy where I was growing up and tried to mimic him
  4. SultanuuFicaan

    Somalispot Historical Qaraami appreciation thread

    Legendary Cabdulqadir Sanka aun ' Sidee loo jid marayaa' 'Dunida adaan kaa rabaa '- Cumar Dhuule aun - Salgula Maggol (aun) - Shimbir Magool (aun) - 'AFRIKAAY HURUDOOY.' AUN to any who have died and I forget to say 'AUN'