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  1. Manafesto

    Puntland VP Ahmed Karaash fails to find a PL supreme Court judge to swear the new nominated ministers while recently sacked ministers continue working

    This is quite embarrassing and another slap in the face for Karaash, according to BBC news and PP linked below the recently nominated ministers by KaraashGreen are not even allowed to visit the HQ of the ministry their were nominated for. Karaash's calls to PL supreme Court to perform the...
  2. 486th President

    New Blood + Guests soo gaala

    I really like all the new people that have come so far keep it up all the guest looking at this thread please register we won’t bite here are some of the new reinforcements that I’ve trained @Canvaboy @Revolutionary. @among us @Hassan mahat:rejoice: There are plenty more just can’t name them...