1. M

    HISTORY Prehistoric Saudi Arabian Camel Carvings

    Possibly suggests that Camel was domesticated earlier by Natufian like populations?
  2. The alchemist

    A 9000 Year-Old Preshisrotic Settlement Discovered in Israel

    It is one of the largest neolithic excavation site ever discovered in the region, and it is said to have had up to three thousand people living there. Link
  3. Prince Abubu

    Stonehenge: DNA reveals origin of builders

    The ancestors of the people who built Stonehenge travelled west across the Mediterranean before reaching Britain, a study has shown. What do you think?
  4. Prince Abubu

    Sardinians - Oldest European

    Am I right in thinking that Sardinians are the closest non-africans population to Cushites? They seem to be made up almost exclusively, of neolithic near-eastern farmers. Somalis have about 30-45% neolithic Middle-eastern DNA.:hmm:
  5. SultanuuFicaan

    You may know know about Laas geel, what about Dhaymoole/DhagaxKureh/Dhambalin iyo DhagaxNabiGalay?

    Dhaymoole site Camels are depicted