1. Boogie

    Damian Lilard gets LOCKED UP!

    Lugentz Dort is one of the best perimeter defenders in the league
  2. Boogie

    Trae Young mvp candiate

    4-1 Trae better than fluka dognick :gaasdrink: :russ::lolbron: I was right u all called me crazy but I was right
  3. The Somali Caesar

    Question to American Somalis

    As a British Somali I haven’t really paid a lot attention to NBA maybe it’s because of the time zones and the sport not really popular here but i really want to and I think the new season starts next month. What team should I support. Preferably a team that won’t give me a high blood pressure...
  4. Strike6times

    Who is most underrated NBA player ever?

    Who do you think is the most underrated NBA player ever? Either they were really good and people forgot about them or they were decent but people remember them as trash. Who do you think everyone underrates? I'll say agent 0 because there were 3 seasons where he was a superstar but everyone...
  5. Strike6times

    Is NBA coming back in July?

    Im seeing people say that NBA will continue after June is this true?
  6. Exodus

    Should Kobe be the NBA Logo? 2.7 MILLION have signed a petition to make Kobe the logo of the NBA, replacing his old manager Jerry West as the logo. This is what the NBA logo is like NOW This is some concept design for if it's changed to Kobe...
  7. Tukraq

    6'9 geeljire basketball player goes d1

  8. H

    1st Somali in the NBA

    Fathiya Abdi, a swedish pro basketball player of somali descent. she is the 1st somali person to play in the NBA she was drafted by LA sparks in 2012. @Jeesto @Xooshdheere @MadNomad @Waxwaalan @Merca
  9. S

    somali gamers

    To all the somali ps4 players. Let me know if you want join the biggest somali community on ps4. We got 80+ somali players and still counting. We got somalians from australian to canada. Preview is on tweeter (somalia1960ps4). The only 2 rules are 1) No qabil & calacal bullshit 2) Respect