1. M

    HISTORY Prehistoric Saudi Arabian Camel Carvings

    Possibly suggests that Camel was domesticated earlier by Natufian like populations?
  2. CaliTedesse

    GENETICS I don't understand this - DNA results Somali

    So since Somalis are Natufian and Nilote. Our results on 23andme why don't they actually say that, for example shouldn't the result give 90% Somali , but also outline how the Somali DNA got created like Natufian having great admixture with Nilote and outline how much DNA is Nilote and how much...
  3. C

    Were the ancient egyptians natufian?

    “The ancient Egyptians have their origin in the Levant (modern-day Palestine, in Israel), and they migrated into the Nile Delta and the Sinai, bringing with them their goats and sheep.” “The ancient Egyptians were Natufians, who came into Egypt likely seven thousand to twelve thousand years...