1. alien


    I have to say this. We have to change our country's name. It is so annoying how some random white person can say he is somali if he is born there, and all the ethnic minorities claiming they somali making non somali's think we look like Ayrabs and Sheeiit. :tacky: Gotta change our name. We gotta...
  2. Prince Abubu

    Should the name ''Cushitic'' be changed?

    "Cushi" in Hebrew is a racist term for black Africans. It's also very stupid since there was no record of a biblical figure named "Cush" ever existing, why should we be named after this random Bible character? "Erythra" means red in Greek, after the Red Sea. This is the likely location of...
  3. CaliTedesse

    I was thinking about giving my son the name

    Libaax. I mean it's not weird is it? What do you guys think. Even others call their son names of animals too like Assad or Usama which both mean Lion in Arabic.