1. H

    When will this humiliation end???

  2. Rooble44

    Abdulrahman Abdi Shakur asking for Donations

    Who's gonna be the first to donate on here? :mjlol:
  3. Odkac WRLD

    Which one of you did this?

    Someone edited HSM wikipedia page to "treasonous Hassan Sheikh". :mjlol: Who do you think out culprit is? And shouldn't the Somali presidency hold greater weight than party leader? Yaab. I told you we should not have given @Pipit access to...
  4. pablo


    Just finished watching heat incredible film, Pacino and de Niro :lawd::lawd: top 5 movies all time along with shawshank redemption.
  5. Toriye

    How important is your qabiil to you?

    Rer qurbo, we have the privilege to see past qabiil and all its shenanigans partly due to being surrounded by ajinabis all the time. We start to realize how much more important than qabiil the Somali people are. We start to miss that comfort you feel only when you are surrounded by your people...
  6. pablo

    Hilarious Video

  7. Guts

    Madow Simps are growing big on xalimos!

    I was scrolling through the twitter timeline and i came across this instead of somali girls trying to defend somali men they walk into this dirty simps bait. Absolutly disgusting! @CaliSomali @Basra @Knowles @Reiko @halwa @A_A Would you defend somali boys or agree with this dirty Madow simp?
  8. YoungFarah


    When you know you should be asleep and it isn't good for you to wake up 8pm every day and sleep at 9am but you're not even tired:jcoleno: :mjcry::mjcry::meleshame:
  9. Tramo

    Sspot, what are you trying to tell me?

    :damn: :damn: :damn: