nabad iyo nolol

  1. Atoore

    Cabudwaaq airport being built.

    Less than two months after Galmudug state elections, an airport is already being built in one of the biggest towns in Galmudug. reer “wHaTs fArMaAjO dOiNg fOr cAbUdWaAq” soo gala :hillarybiz:
  2. Exodus

    Who is an alternative to Farmaajo?

    I see a lot of hatred towards Farmaajo, and regardless of your opinion of him, I have not seen anyone campaign for any alternatives to him. It's easy to complain, but come up with another candidate who would be better. Who do you think would be best for Somalia as a whole in the next elections?
  3. F

    Farmaajo vs Farmaajo.

  4. F

    Somalia has become more corrupt since 2016

    Nabad iyo nolol crew what's going on? I thought Farmaajo was atleast better than Hassan sheekh.
  5. CanIDimo

    Famous UK rapper advocates for Muna Kay

    tion wayne is one of the biggest rappers in the uk now, and somali girls have been thirsty for him since day one, he would ignore them but now not only is he giving them attention but he's getting involved in Somali politic :damnmusic: The system is glitching really hard :gladbron: even hoyoo...
  6. DRACO

    The Republic of Somaliland to join Oil producing Nations

    AFRICA INDUSTRY MARITIME Somaliland Positive Of Joining Oil Producing Nations 22nd October 2018 0 Comments Somaliland is on the verge of joining the league of oil producing nations according to the country’s minister for energy and minerals. Oil production, he says will turn around the economy...