muse bihi

  1. Warwaaqsame

    Somaliland 1960

    Did Somaliland set conditions, when they were uniting with the south? As you guys know all the African countries accepted the colonial borders. So i wanna know if they set conditions such as if they can pullout of the union, with their former British Somaliland territory, using the colonial...
  2. Kezira

    Warlord Muuse Bixi Handaraab the LAGAROONE fangirls

    Remember when he held Saudi hands like lagaroone Remember when he wore dirac like lagaroone
  3. L

    Calling all Jeegaanlanders

    Why is your 'government' (I use that term very loosely here), so focused on obtaining other people's lands when they have repeatedly failed to 'liberate' themselves from Somalia? 27 years of propoganda, calaacal and begging has not helped. Shouldn't they focus in gaining true independance...
  4. Lancer

    SL VP, Minister of Defense and Army Chief oo booqday jiida hore ee Tukarq

    Ultimate Alpha move. PL has been emasculated.
  5. DRACO

    Muse Bihi -Farmaajo Phone call

    President of Somalia Farmaajo spoke with president of somaliland Muse Bihi on the phone last week! Preident of Somalia, Mohamed Abdilahi Farmajo and Somaliland New President, Musa Bihi spoke by telephone, the highest level contact between the two countries which was aimed at diffusing the...
  6. DRACO

    Supreme Court declares Muse bihi President

    The Supreme Court has confirmed the results are official , delusional people don't want to accept Muse won Fairly.
  7. Mohsin

    Ismaiil Yare trashes warmonger Muse Bihi and silanyo in powerful speech

    Hargeisa Waddani politician who hails same clan Muse Bihi trashes in powerful speech both Current president Silanyo and the candidate of KULMIYE party calling him warmonger and trash bag. He called President silanyo Tripalist undemocratic crazy man
  8. Rooble

    Muuse BiixI rejects UAE base and Kulmiye party is committing electoral fraud

    According IndianOceanNewsLetter and African Intelligence The leader and presidential candidate of the ruling Kulmiye party in Hargeisa, Musa Bihi Abdi, admitted to senior party officials in Burao in early June that he was worried about the idea of the United Arab Emirates establishing a...