muse bihi snm warlord

  1. Manafesto

    The electoral dispute and the mediation failures in Somaliland are part of President Muse Bihi’s plan for extension

    The electoral dispute and the mediation failures In Somaliland are part of President Bihi’s plan for extension
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    SNM founder's eldest son found slayed and killed in his house in Hargeisa Somaliland

    Rumors are saying Muse Bihi is behind the poor victim death and assassination,so far the SNM led administration of Somaliland has not said a word on the slaying of the SNM founders eldest son.
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    Somaliland Court sentences twelve politicians from SL's opposition parties and two journalists arrested during the June 9 protest in Hargeisa

    The abuse and human rights violations in Africa's North Korea region of Somalia Somaliland is getting out of hands.
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    8 arrested in Berbera, Somaliland

    Somaliland is now the North Korea of HOA as the state mimicks Djibouti Oligarchic monopoly to control/abuse the poor I am sorry guys, but the latest news coming from the NW region MS in Somalia is on steroids, Their Guurti MPs cursing D-clans and on the same breath claim SSC residents want to...
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    Somaliland minority MP Barkhad Batun informs SL lawmakers that they are constantly intimidated by SL plain clothed officers and face threats

    Somaliland lawmakers intimidated allegedly by plain clothed officers
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    Somaliland President Muse Bihi refuses to attend the funeral of former Somali Interior minister Jama M Ghalib in Hargeisa for being a Unionist

    Muse Bihi is huge hypocrite and a principles self centered pig, he refused to ettend Jamac Mohamed Qalib's funeral just 4 Km from his #VillMorgan residency in Hargeisa, let me remind you that dictator Muse Bihi didn't fail to showed up his cousin Cumar Carte funderal who was also Somaliweynist...
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    NEWS A Town in Somaliland region pays 40 Million dollars in Taxes has It's hospital with no electricity (Nurses use a Flash light to deliver babies)

    Somaliland is defintely the most corrupt federal member state in Somalia, for 30 years the desert Northern Western region has been swindling IC money and has nothing to show for it. To be honest, the IC has definitely wasted millions if not billions on this corrupt and donor depending state...
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    NEWS Somaliland Human Rights Centre Condemns the Arbitrary Detention of Idiris Sa’eed M and Mohamoud M Haji Ibrahim for making anti-Bihi content online

    Human Rights Centre Condemns the Arbitrary Detention of Idiris Sa’eed Mohamed and Mohamoud Maxamed Haji Ibrahim. December 9, 2021 Human Rights Center condemns the arbitrary arrest of the comedian Idiris Sa’eed Mohamed, also known (Sayidka Barakaysan). On December 2, 2021, Idiris Sa’eed Mohamed...
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    DEVELOPING NEWS Somaliland president bans SL citizens to take part in Somalia’s Politics and labels those who do as a national “traitors” that deserve a jail time

    Wow dictatoshop at it best lol In a presidential decree, Somaliland President Muse Bihi has said that every citizen who takes part in Somalia’s Politics will be identified as a national “traitor” and will be arraigned in court. This decree could frighten many Somalilanders who are now in...
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    NEWS Somaliland President Muse Bihi and cabinet ministers accused of corruption and mismanagement of public funds

    The accusations were reported by both International community NGOs and private funding agencies as well. Thee corrupt and incompetent administration headed by the former gurillerla warfare terrorist and warlord Muse Bihi has been accused of mismanaging funds and depositing the funds in their...
  11. Kezira

    Warlord Bihi holding hands with Arab man in Saudi Arabia

    I knew this guy was lagaroone:mjlol::dead: