1. Toriye

    Date a girl with more muscle than you?

    Would you date a girl with more muscles than you? I know this xalimo that goes to the gym way more than she should. I get the creeps when she looks at me man. Why would they do this to their beautiful bodies?? This straight up looks like a man right here :nahgirl:
  2. 416

    Weak caato faraxs

    Are you guys planning on hitting the gym? Get your shit together sxb. Hit the gym and build some murqo to your baasto frame nacasyaho. Don’t let these wecels lie to you saying “ our genetics aren’t meant to build muscle, we’re just marathon runners” lool sounds like a wallahi If this...
  3. CaliTedesse

    Why are there many defeatist Somali men?

    I can just see it in front of me a lugo baasto big booty bashir with the most skinniest frame on earth crying like a little turd in front of his computer writing down how Somali men are not capable of buildings muscle mass because his ass was too lazy or didn't have the consistency or motivation...
  4. CaliTedesse

    Many Somali men grow bidaar fast

    It is a known fact many Somali man bidaar grows fast with Somali men it's not something to deny, but what amazes me is. Okay you get bidaar fast, but why not take action. Many stay jileec with their calool kuus iyo weird looks iyo futo weyn oily body and weird clothing kkkkkkkkk its so fcking...