1. abdallah

    A Reer Muqdisho man is defending BK and Somaliland from allegations

  2. S

    1939 - Eid celebration in Muqdisho.

    80 years ago. Noice video
  3. Boqor

    Reer Muqdisho come in and please explain

    Can someone please explain to me the meaning behind this song.... . It's slyly a banger.....but something very "mooryani" about it... Is it a kids song that incites theft and rape? First time seeing it today after a Reer Somaliland guy said these are the types of songs reer Xamar make. Well...
  4. Boqor

    OUCH: Somalilander tells Reer Muqdisho about their dark history

  5. K

    Nice football match in Xamar

    A little bit of positivity for the day:banderas: And Waaberi won:banderas:
  6. abdale

    I can't stop laughing

    I am abgaal i find this funny tho astra victories :drakegrin:
  7. abdale

    Back in the days

    I didn't know back in the days Somalis were civilized people with female had good education as the men.