1. Nin-culus

    Somalis from the uk - the final thread

    @MSGA Listen, stop ganging against uk Somali’s u fluffy nigga U look soft asf. Stop generalising us all. I’m a Somali nigga from England. And I don’t get disrespected by anyone. Madow chicks acc love me. Putting us all in the same bag, Somalis generally used to be victims in low class banter...
  2. Guts

    MSGA Appreciation Thread!

    Well no1 wanted to make me one so i had do it myself:mjpls::browtf::mjcry: Be nice to me haye? :lolbron::damn:
  3. S

    How should the Somali Constitution look like? Here are some proposals

    Three proposals to the final Somali constitution by the Heritage Instutite: 1) The oversight Commitee proposed a 24/7 formula.This means the federal government‟s responsibilities are in 24 critical areas whereas regions are entrusted with seven. We consider this recommendation sensible and...