1. Oromia President

    Drug and Alcohol abuse & Muslim majority countries

  2. 486th President

    Mike Tyson Manages To Get A Draw Against Roy Jones Jr 🥊🤝💪🥊

    I’m pissed I stay up to watch the fight even the undercard just for a draw I still have respect for both men true gladiators who else saw Jake Paul knocking out Nate Robinson bruh that knock out was so satisfying that hit my brain and echoed fam he was sound asleep shoulders first fuuto up oof...
  3. Faahiye

    Leather Quran in great condition from the 1800's found in Somalia

    Best, Faahiye
  4. Cartman

    Appreciation Post || Most Successful Modern Somali Artists

    Hello guys, this is an appreciation post dedicated to the one and only, Baasto Tiimo Jileec iyo Shiisha, BTS :ohhhdamn::ohhhdamn::ohhhdamn: Here are some videos that will show you why these young Somali boys represent our culture and people so well, I'm so proud I could tear up any moment...
  5. CaliTedesse

    Nice muslim couple: AA Muslim and Latina

    I want a Latina revert too. Yaa Rab can you grant me my wish, amiin! Man married her after 1 month and got her to revert mashallah Can I get a mashallah?
  6. Guts

    This cadaan guy is woke about Islam!

    I couldn’t have said it better, this brother is wone if he lives near me i will promise to give him iftar and suhoor for whole of ramadan :salute: all the feminists and gaalo on here aniga ni wasa:susp:
  7. YoungFarah

    Somali beauty appreciation!!

    Yasmin one half of the YouTube channel Yas and Hals is one of the prettiest Somali girls I've seen in a minute 10/10.:banderas::banderas::banderas::banderas: