1. Internet Nomad

    Where does Islam fit left or right?

    I am taking a break from social media hence why i posted hardly anything this past week but i was watching this video which goes into detail about the origin of western schools of thought and how should a muslim navigate this current social climate.I thought it was a great insight and...
  2. abdullah233

    The Islamic economic model

    I’m curious as to your thoughts on this. The actual Islamic Economic model is capitalist its the moral ethics of the faith that encourages donation and helping poor zakat and (jizayih so non-believer funds get redirected to the poor). Islam tackles the biggest flaw in capitalism how to get the...
  3. hindhisle

    Democracy and Islam

    Democracy has long been a western concept of governing a sociaty where the majority decides. It has been described as the best way to govern by many observers, westen and non-western. I, myself, don care about it so long as i have indivual and economical liberty. The question is, is democracy...
  4. murtadina

    Marxist Leninist Somalia VS Federal Republic Somalia

    Somalia was a Marxist-Leninist government under Siad Barre, and he bought unprecedented change in the course of three decades (which is unusual for any African country). I remember vaguely reading that it was referred to as the 'Switzerland of Africa' at one point. Do any of you believe that...