1. JalleShibis

    who will you be?

    modern society (which we are all apart of but all to easy to blame) tries to undermine and replace the biological role of the man with the state. And it has worked to disastrous results. this is an attempt to feminize and thereby emasculate men These pacified weakened men now constitute...
  2. King Khufu

    (Simp News) I just put something together

    Good Nikka = Gudniinka :kanyeshrug: See how they try to do us Faraaxs?!
  3. Bossanova

    Things That Invalidate A Man: (Users List)

    I’ll go first. A man who can’t drive is fucking useless. :sass2:
  4. M

    Boy to Man initiation

    Have you been initiated into Manhood? Its is important because there is chemical reaction that happens when a boy is snatched from the mothers nest. (Mama boy) by older men and initiation into Manhood without the comfort of the mother. Male initiation can come in different forms. Geeljire...