1. JudgeJoeGorilla

    At What Age Does A "Man" Become WISE?

    I say 33 😊
  2. F

    War on men -> Sperm Counts Continue to Fall

    Scientists are coming to a consensus that men in America and Europe are experiencing a worsening decrease in fertility. Certain chemicals are turning man into gay...
  3. Boogie

    We need to lock man cave for men

    What are these xalimos doing in this section it says man not woman so go to woman den Xalimos entering the man cave
  4. Milano Ahmed

    Man sues his parents for being born without consent

    Wallahi we live in a fucked up world. A man suing his own parents for them simply bringing him into this world “without consent”. That’s the funny part how could a sperm cell or a fetus even give consent :mjlol:
  5. lalayariis

    PSA: I am not a man

    I am not a man :ufdup:
  6. Al-Burcaawi

    Singer Farxiya Kabayare eggs on a suicidal man to jump to his death

    Another case of "what the f*ck is wrong with people?":faysalwtf:
  7. Rooble


  8. Mohsin

    Somali man posted revenge showing his ex wife naked and sex video

    Somali man in Ohio posted of Video his wife he shared on Facebook later Yaab aragnay tahoo kalena waa dhici ismaanlahayn dadku markey bataan noocwalba waa ka soo baxaa